Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

Art. 1 – Check-in and Check-out:

the apartment is accessible from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 10:30 on the day of departure.

Art. 2 – Key handover:

the keys are available at check-in time at the property or in another location communicated by the agency. On the day of check-out, the keys must be replaced in the small box outside the apartment if present or on the kitchen table in all other cases and in any case according to instructions communicated by the agency.

Art. 3 – Price:

The Tourist buys a package that includes the final cleaning service and linen. The price does not include the tourist tax, the amount of which will be communicated by the agency according to the classification of the accommodation booked (ranging from 3.00 to 4.00 euros per night per person for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights, reduction of 50% for children from 10 to 15 years and free for children up to 9 years).

Art. 4 – Cancellation terms:

The Tourist can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 7 (seven) days before arrival. After this deadline, cancellation involves the penalty of the entire amount of the stay.

Art. 5 – Obligations of the Tourist:

By signing the contract, the Tourist undertakes:

– to visit the apartment and to immediately report (or within 12 hours) any defect of the building or the pieces of furniture:

• cleaning of the property

• Wi-Fi functionning

• operation and use of heating system and air-conditioning  

• functioning of the opening of sofa-bed and all the electric appliances  

– to accommodate a number of people not exceeding the number indicated in the booking;

– not to replace, unless expressly authorized by the owner or his representative, the guests staying in the property during the rental period;

– to communicate the presence of pets, indicating the number and size, and to pay adequate attention to them in the common areas of the building;

– not to sublease or make a free loan, in total or in part, the apartment, under penalty of the termination of the Contract;

– to leave the apartment tidy, as well as to empty the fridge and to remove the garbage as indicated in the Apartment information;

– not to leave garbage in the common areas of the condominium;

– to use the property exclusively for tourism purposes;

– not to use the property for private parties, not to smoke inside and respect the hours of silence as per good neighborly relations.

Art. 6 – Liability:

The Tourist is liable for any damage towards persons and/or things deriving from malpractice, negligence or an inadequate behaviour of the above mentioned Tourist. The Parties then mutually acknowledge that in any way the agency can be held responsible, not even as an employee or subsidiary,  when damage towards the Tourist or third parties derives from the building.

The Tourist undertakes to take the utmost care of the apartment and household equipment. Any breakages or damage to objects must be reimbursed at market prices. Below is a brief detail:

1) broken/lost: Euro 20.00

2) door opening service in case the keys are forgotten in the apartment, broken or lost: Euro 20.00 until 20:00 – Euro 50.00 from 20:00 to 23:00. The service is not guaranteed after this time. In case of key loss or breakage, the cost reported in point 1 is added.

3) for each missing piece (towel / sheets / etc ..): Euro 10.00 per piece

4) for obvious damage to the apartment attributable to negligence on the part of the Tourist and not described in the previous points, the amount will be quantified after the check out.

Art. 7 Jurisdiction:

Any dispute arising from the interpretation, application and execution of the General Conditions and/or the present Special Conditions and/or the Attachments is under Venice jurisdiction.

Art. 8 Reference:

for the aspects not expressly stated in the present Contract, the Parties agree to refer to the national norms as far as the package travels cession is concerned and to the dispositions of the Civil Code and to the laws in force and to the local traditions as far as the rent relation between the owner and the Tourist is concerned.